925.00 3,700.00

*This is a 1/4th deposit for "Big City Fire". The full amount for this piece is $3700. Doll will only be shipped out after full payment has been received. 

A ready made PashaPasha creation endowed by Pasha's touch with a beautifully strong, sexy, yet delicate and truly unique persona. She is an Original size PashaPasha and comes as seen in the photos and features UrsiSarna lingerie, Sheep fur wig, rose gold lips, custom painted shoes, and a custom 3D printed necklace, and a Full Set specific Certificate of Authenticity.

*Upon your deposit, PashaPasha will send a PayPal invoice for the remaining amount with the "partial payment" option selected - this way the buyer can pay however much, however often they would like until they have paid off the girl completely. As a note - we will not be sending reminders to pay, it will be up to the buyer to maintain their own financial schedule. After the deposit, the buyer will have up to one year to fully pay off their girl. Should they need an extension on that time frame, the buyer can reach out to sales.pashapasha@gmail.com to let them know and additional time can be worked out against a 1% (off the original price) per month interest. 

Should at some point the buyer choose that they do not want to proceed with their purchase, a refund can be set up minus a 10% restocking fee (off of the original full price plus any interest if incurred).  



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