A statement by Pasha:

I would like to encourage you to not buy recast dolls. 

Recasts are when someone takes a legitimate bjd, disassembles it, molds it, casts it, and makes illegal copies of the doll. Because these companies are, more often than not, big manufacturers and factories, they can afford to mass produce them and sell them at 1/3rd of the original price to attract an audience that finds cheaper items more appealing.

Most recasts do not come with a certificate of authenticity, do not come in a legitimate box, and are made in China because there are grey areas in their laws. 

Recasts hurt the market because sometimes people try to pass them as legitimate dolls.

Recasts always hurt bjd sculptors both financially and emotionally. I am not a big company. I am one person and PashaPasha is my whole life and the only means of financially supporting myself. If people were to buy recasts of my sculpts instead of buying true PashaPasha’s from me, I would not be able to afford making new sculpts and eventually, if it got bad enough, I would not be able to keep PashaPasha going. 

So join me in the #legitartonly movement. Let’s keep original art alive, let’s support artists not thieves, and let’s make a change.